Who do we provide food to?

We help anyone who asks us for food. We provide food for individuals and families to meet their short-term needs.

How can I get food from the Food Bank?

All you need is one piece of valid identification (such as a health card or a driver’s license). The first time you come in, you will need to show your ID and ID for the other members of your household to register. All of the information you give us is confidential.

The registration form asks if you need food for a family or just yourself. It also asks if you have any special diet needs. We don’t ask how much money you make but we do ask about your source of income (e.g. do you get money from a pension, social assistance, a job, etc.). This information helps us understand who we are serving.

Once you have registered, you will just need to show ID for yourself and everyone on you registered if you need to get food again.

How often can I get food?

Clients can pick up a food “hamper” (a bag of food) once a calender month.

The hamper contains approximately three days of food (the amount of food depends on how many people are in your household). The Food Bank only provides emergency supplies to help you and your family cope.

What kind of things do you provide?

We provide basic staples such as pasta or rice, a variety of canned food, peanut butter and jam, soups, milk to families with children and juice. We also provide fresh vegetables when available.

People can also request some special items like baking items, pet food, feminine hygiene products, shampoo, toilet paper or toothpaste. We provide these items based on availability only.

Where and when can I pick up food?

Our location is 306 Alexander Street in Whitehorse. Our pick up times are Tuesday and Thursday 10:00-12:45 and 3:00-4:45. We also serve clients with children on Wednesday from 10-1.