• In 2014 this is only an example of the support the Food Bank Received.

Notice: The Whitehorse Food Bank is currently looking for board members! Please send an email to office@whitehorsefoodbank.ca. Tell us about yourself, why you are passionate about helping our community, and list any related experience you may have. Thank you so much.


We help to feed our community.

The Whitehorse Food Bank is a community-based organization that provides emergency food to people in need. Every month, we help feed more than 1,350 people.

We are generously supported by many individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations throughout the year. Together, we all help feed hungry people in our community.

Ways you can help!

Every month, people donate hundreds of hours of time to help the Food Bank provide emergency food to people. From stocking shelves to growing food to helping with a food drive, volunteers keep us operational! If you’d like to pitch in and volunteer for the Food Bank, please visit our Volunteer page!

To help feed our community, the Food Bank needs reliable financial support year round. If you’d like to learn about different ways you can donate to the Food Bank, please visit our Donate Money page. All financial donations are tax deductible.

Food donations are needed year round. In addition to donating food during our food drives, people can drop food off at the major grocery stores in town or at the Food Bank. To learn more about what to donate and how, please visit our Donate Food page.

Want to learn more?
You are always welcome to come and visit the Food Bank when we’re open! Come on by and meet our staff and volunteers.