• In 2014 this is only an example of the support the Food Bank Received.

We Fight Hunger in the North.

The Whitehorse Food Bank is a community-based organization that provides emergency food to people in need. We provide emergency food hampers to 1300 people a month.

We are generously supported by many individuals, families, schools, churches, businesses and other organizations throughout the year.

Together, we all help feed hungry people in our community.

Ways you can help!

Every month, people donate hundreds of hours of time to help the Food Bank provide emergency food to people. From stocking shelves to growing food to helping with a food drive, volunteers keep us operational! If you’d like to pitch in and volunteer for the Food Bank, please visit our Volunteer page!

To help feed our community, the Food Bank needs reliable financial support year round. If you’d like to learn about different ways you can donate to the Food Bank, please visit our Donate Money page. All financial donations are tax deductible.

Food donations are needed year round. In addition to donating food during our food drives, people can drop food off at the major grocery stores in town or at the Food Bank. To learn more about what to donate and how, please visit our Donate Food page.

Food Bank Society of Whitehorse
Food Bank Society of Whitehorse4 days ago
A big thanks to the Knights of Columbus who raised $2000 through their annual charity raffle for the Whitehorse Food Bank. Your support is amazing!
Food Bank Society of Whitehorse
Food Bank Society of Whitehorse1 week ago
It's been a few weeks since our food drive and the food sorting is coming along great! If there are any full or empty bags out there please consider dropping them off at the Food Bank or a grocery store donation bin. We'd also be happy to come get them! Give us a call at 393-2265.
Food Bank Society of Whitehorse
Food Bank Society of Whitehorse3 weeks ago
Due to Construction on Alexander Street we will be closed for food distribution Tuesday May 8th. We will reopen Wednesday May 9th. Thank you.